Calabogie Libre Challenge Series

Evening race series for Open Wheel racecars, Radicals, Legends and Sports Racers
Congratulations to the Libre Challenge season winners  
Libre 1 Libre 2  Libre 3
1st - Norman Wong 1st - Lew McKenzie 1st- Steve McCamus
2nd - Huw Leahy 2nd - Francois Bordeleau  2nd- Kimm McKenzie
3rd - Myles Kraut   3rd - Kimm McKenzie 3rd- Henderson Knox


2021 features 8 races and 1 test n tune track day. 

Held in the evenings, racers will get a 10 minute qualifier/practice session and a 30 minute race. 6 of the 8 race nights are on the full 5.05km track and two of them are on the 'stadium track', the favourite of most!

Looking for extra track time? 6 race days are offered on the same days as our HPDE and Club Calabogie track days that offer racers from out of town to practice during the day and race in the evening. 

Open Passing – Break out times as follows

Class 1) 2:10 and under
Class 2) 2:11 to 2:15
Class 3) 2:16 to 2:20 
Class 4) 2:21 and UP  
Evening Schedules - updated June 27  

No refunds on race events