Test and Tune day - April 28th 2023

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Test and Tune day for race cars in all series. 

Qualified drivers and cars only. 

  • $325 Full Day 
  • $225 1/2 day 
  • Fee includes HST


8:30am                  DRIVERS’ MEETING BOTTOM OF STAIRS TO RACE CONTROL                         

9:00am                  EMZone Radical Cup Canada (ERCC)                                                                 25 min

9:30am                   Open Wheel                                                                                                    25 min

10:00am                 Closed Wheel                                                                                                  25 min

10:30am                EMZone Radical Cup Canada                                                                            25 min

11:00am                 Open Wheel                                                                                                    25 min

11:30am                 Closed Wheel                                                                                                  25 min

12:00 – 1:00                          LUNCH

1:00pm                  EMZone Radical Cup Canada                                                                            25 min

1:30pm                   Open Wheel                                                                                                     25 min

2:00pm                   Closed Wheel                                                                                                  25 min

2:30pm                  EMZone Radical Cup Canada                                                                            25 min

3:00pm                   Open Wheel                                                                                                     25 min

3:30pm                   Closed Wheel                                                                                                   25 min

4:00pm                  EMZone Radical Cup Canada                                                                            20 min

4:20pm                   Open Wheel                                                                                                     20 min

4:40pm                   Closed Wheel                                                                                                   20 min

5:00pm                                 END OF DAY