1Morelap Road Trip to Mosport

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Wednesday September 1st, 2021. Presented by Powersports Garage!

1Morelap returns to CTMP for a 1 day lapping event. We had a lot of run last year and are looking forward to returning again. 

20 min sessions followed by happy hour from 4pm to 5pm for any and all cars remaining.  9am to 5pm, 1 hour break for lunch. Lunch is not provided. 

Trackside support is available, free of charge, courtesy of Powersports Garage.

Photos on this page Paul Cook Photography

Early bird rate $369 expires August 1st

Regular rate $419 expires August  25th

Late fee $469  


  • Qualified drivers only, limited CMP coaches are available, but this is not an event for novice track drivers. Please send your full track history to greg.vandalen@calabogiemotorsports.com to confirm. 

  • Pit crew is permitted. Covid 19 protocols in place. 

  • Masks always,  Wash your hands. 1 Passenger over 16 permitted.
  • Intermediate and Advanced 1, first session will be full course yellow. 

  • Advanced 2 group, race cars, under 100 treadwear, radicals, transam cars - if you're not sure, please check with Greg. 

  • Point by passing.  Make your point by signal clear to the car, or each car and each Flagger. Be predictable. 

  • If the Flagger see's a pass with no point by, they will black flag you.

  •  When giving the point by, stay on line, ease off the throttle to let the pass happen, be predictable. If you are racing to the next corner you will be removed from the event. 

  •  Black flags for a wheel off, poor driving, bad passing, aggressive driving etc will be issued. 

  •  Two black flags and your car is parked for the day. 

  •  Drivers meeting will be delivered electronically. 

  •  Gate opens 7 AM , no revving of engines before 9 AM 

  •  Wash your hands. 

  •  3 run groups per hour.  

  •  Intermediate, advanced 1 and 2, ( run groups determined by balance of performance in driver, vehicle, tires & expected lap times ) 

  •  9 AM to 5 PM 

  •  1 Hour break for lunch.  Food not available onsite. 

  •  Happy hour final hour open to all cars  

  • Over night camping is available when notice provided in advance.