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Exclusive Motorcycle Track Day Provider

Pro 6 Cycle Inc. is the exclusive motorcycle events provider at Calabogie Motorsports Park offering special events for non-for profit organizations, manufactures, and other motorcycle clubs. Pro 6 Cycle Inc. is also the exclusive motorcycle retail provider trackside offering a wide array of track and street tires complete with trackside tire installation, on or off the machine. For information regarding Pro 6 Cycle Inc. visit Pro 6 Cycle.

Pro6 Cycle offers lapping, VIP days and instruction at Calabogie Motorsports Park. To see a complete calendar of Proc6 Cycle events at CMP visit our calendar.


Motorcycle Racing at Calabogie Motorsports Park 

Pro 6 GP Series 

2021 Pro 6 GP Calabogie Event Schedule

July 10-11 CSBK National Rd 1 and Regional Rd 1 Click here for tickets 

July 24 Regional Rd 2

Sep 18 Regional Rd 3

CSBK - Canadian SuperBike Championship 

July 10-11    All classes  Click here for tickets 




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