Track Night Event Info

Important information about your upcoming track night event.

  • James Bergeron will be coordinating these Track Nights. 
  • Electronic Waivers are mandatory for the 2023 season at Calabogie MotorSports Park. Everyone entering the gate is to have signed and will be verified by our Gate Staff. Electronic Waiver Link
  • Individuals registered for these events are able to arrive at the track a maximum of two hours prior to the event start-time.
  • Sound testing is mandatory.  If you do not have a 2023 Sound Test sticker, you will be denied access to the track.

  • Registration will be completed at the Turn21 Store (beside the fuel pumps behind building 5) starting 1 hour prior to track time.
  • Pre-paid rental helmets are available in the classroom (2nd floor, 2nd door on left).  Please ensure helmets are returned to the counter at the back of the classroom.
  • Please allow sufficient time to check-in, have your vehicle sound checked and arrive at the drivers meeting on time!
  • Drivers Meeting will be held promptly 20 MINUTES PRIOR to the start of track time in front of the Turn21 store.
    Attendance at the Drivers Meeting is MANDATORY, every event.
    Those not present will miss track time while the important points are covered with them after lapping has started.
  • Car numbers are mandatory.  Please apply numbers on vehicles before entering pit-lane. Shoe polish / vinyl / tape etc.
  • Fuel is available at Turn21
  • Reminder – no scoring or timing.  These are intended to be fun nights and not competition.

 We look forward to seeing you trackside at Calabogie MotorSports Park.