TWOth Autosport

TWOth /toō•th/ (n.) Two times the initials, ‘TH’

Trevor and Travis Hill of TWOth Autosport INC specialize in motorsport management, while supporting clients in reaching their goals in the auto racing industry.

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With a home base at Calabogie Motorsports Park, TWOth is only steps away from one of North America’s most technical race tracks. The perfect location, paired with valuable experience and strong industry partnerships, allow the Hill brothers to manage every aspect of the motorsport experience, giving them the logical tagline: Develop, Build, Support, Drive.

The Partnership

Travis Hill

Driver, coach, event management, business development.

Leveraging his racing pedigree, Travis focusses on the driver’s perspective throughout the customer experience. Driver development, car selection, vehicle ‘feel’, and career progression are a few of the key areas where he can help drivers in achieving their motorsports goals.

Trevor Hill

Mechanic, chassis development, engine builder, race engineer.

Although Travis is known as the driver of the pair in the automotive world, Trevor was actually the more distinguished of the two as the brothers grew up in the karting industry. With a strong driving skill in addition to his exceptional mechanical abilities, he focusses on vehicle maintenance, race support, and car setup. Albeit soft spoken and understated compared to Travis, customers quickly take notice of Trevor’s attention to detail and incredible knowledge of vehicle dynamics, making him a wolf in sheep’s clothing at TWOth Autosport.

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