CMP / AISA Racing and Lapping School - May 14th to 15th

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This is a two day school  

The Academy has been rescheduled to May 14th to 15th, 2022 at Calabogie Motorsport Park- it will be in its traditional format- open for all levels of driver experience. 

What does this mean to you? 

If you are already registered for the academy and wish to keep your spot for Spring 2022 -you have nothing to do- it will be automatically transferred to the new date. 

If you have any questions concerning the change of dates and what is being offered- please contact me - 

This is a two-day lapping and race license school offered by the AISA academy only at Calabogie Motorsports Park. 

The instructors of the AISA Academy have been working together since 1998, the team is united again to offer the absolute best training in amateur motorsports in Canada.

Our comprehensive and progressive curriculum provides you with a solid base on which to build on and allows you to progress at a pace that you feel comfortable with. You will be amazed as to what level of understanding and competence that your driving will elevate to, all that in a safe and controlled environment.

In our school, you will provide the car (which makes the most sense since you will learn with the same car you get to drive every day, easier for applying your new-found technique).

We will cover:

  • Driving in tight groups (vision)
  • Driving position including body and hand positioning
  • Heel & toe and downshifting (the right way)
  • Threshold braking and acceleration and their subtleties
  • The ideal racing lines and car control at the limit
  • Passing (under brakes, acceleration, drafting, etc..)
  • Physics involved in a (race) car
  • Mental aspect (racecraft)
  • How to listen to and feel your car
  • Race starts simulations , flags ,security and event officials

Our once again, newly revamped manual is by far the most complete and professional in North America. Our instructors make up the very best and most diverse team ever! (2-3 students per teacher assure you the right ratio for the best results).

We teach awareness, precision and to be in touch with your racing environment. Once mastered, the technique of speed comes quite easily. Speed and safety are the rewards of a profound awareness of your environment. 

With over 1,300 student drivers in 12 years, our students are from different age groups and from all walks of life however they all have one thing in common: they all have trusted the Academy for their driver training. Many of our student return for a 2nd school and others come back a third time.

Students wanting accreditation for motorsport events: AISA will offer a targeted tuition and an in depth program. Admissibility to this program depends on previous experience. Motorsports is a serious sport and we make sure our graduates have adequate abilities to manage a competitive environment and drive in a safe manner.

Either way, the Academy is great way to spend time on the track with excellent instruction. Alumni of our Academy can be seen winning or front runners as well as “rookie of the year” in most of the solosport championships, Touring, GT, F1600, Echo Cup both with FSAQ and CASC-OR.


$1200 tax included before March 7th 

$1300 tax included after March 7th 

$50 Helmet rentals if needed.  

Race Prepped Mustangs available upon request -