Full Day Track GR86 Rental Car

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Learn High Performance Driving in a Track Prepared Rental Car. 


  • Full day program includes 6 x 30 min sessions on the full 5.05km track 
  • Private in car coach and helmet is included in the experience. 
  • Your coach will help you develop and practice vision techniques, trail braking, proper race lines, smooth inputs and putting it all together to become a better performance driver. 
  • All coaches are Level II certified with the Motorsports Safety Foundation 
  • They will also cover track rules, safety and proper passing techniques while sharing the track with other drivers. 
  • Flaggers and safety team are track side during these events. 
  • Minimum age is 16. 
  • Cars equipped with standard transmissions
  • Insurance available for $300 with a $3000 deductible.  
  • Limited space available, we encourage you to book at least two weeks ahead of your event to reserve a car.  


Cancellation Policy 

  • Cancellations within 5 days prior to event will result in $150 admin fee
  • Date transfers within 48 hours prior to event will result in $150 admin fee
  • Minimum helmet rating is M2015 or SA2015

Using a track prepared rental car.


  • $1599  This includes the rental car, track time, helmet and the coach 
  • $300  insurance available 
2023 Schedule 
Thu. 22-Jun
Fri. 23-Jun
Sat. 15-Jul
Sun. 16-Jul
Fri. 11 Aug
Sat. 12 Aug
Sat. 9-Sep
Sun. 10-Sep
Thu. 28-Sep
Fri. 29-Sep
Sat. 14-Oct