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Is my car suitable to take on the track?

Please refer to the vehicle requirements page for details and information.

Is there any special clothing or gear I need?

Please refer to the drivers requirements page for details and information.

Is there a fee to watch?

Nearly all events held at the track are open to the public and free of charge.
All those arriving to the premises will be required to sign a waiver prior to entering.
Special race weekends are the exceptions where tickets are required, and these are typically limited to 3 or 4 weekends a year.
For tickets and information for these race weekend please visit the following page.

Can I take photos at the track?

Photography is permitted in all publicly accessible areas of the track.
Photos must be for personal use only and not resale.
Please note no drones are permitted to fly on or around the track.

Can I camp on-site?

If you are an event participant, you can stay the night prior to and during your event in an RV or tent with the following guidelines:
  • We do not have any general public camping.
  • No arrivals before 5pm the day before your event.
  • Some events will require later arrival times and those will be communicated by your event organizer prior to your event. 
  • You will have 2 hours after your event concludes to vacate the facility.
  • Quiet time is between 8:00pm and 7:30am, this includes loud music and generators.
  • No open fires or fireworks.
  • No tent pegs into the pavement.

Is food and drink available at the track?

Yes, you can visit the food truck located in the main paddock or the Turn 21 store found in the middle paddock near the gas pumps.

I have never been on track before, where do I begin?

Please refer to our detailed program guide that can be found here.

When are you open?

Our yearly season typically runs from late April to early October.
Daytime events run from 9am-5pm, and evening events from 5-7pm.

How long is the track?

Full track 5.05 km (3.14 mi)
East (Stadium) track 2.81 km (1.74 mi)
West (Supercar) track 2.20 km (1.37 mi)

What is the full track lap record?

Average race lap time: 2:21.8
Average speed: 128 km/h

Bruno St-Jacques / Stohr WR1
1:52.014 (Set in 2013)

Jodi Christie / Honda CBR 1000RR
2.00.584 (Set in 2015)