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Calabogie My Learning

My Learning is used to educate, track and evaluate skills. This system is also used to move drivers into higher run groups.
For instructed run groups (First Timer, Novice), your instructor will work with you and use this system to evaluate the items in your Hot List, updating the status of those skills and/or leaving notes for you.
For non-instructed groups (Novice Solo, Intermediate, Advanced), you are still encouraged to use My Learning, build a Hot List, and work with your group leader via check rides so they may update your learning plan, as this is what is used to evaluate potential moves to the next higher run group.
The Basics:
  1. Set goals in "My Learning"

  2. Work with your instructor

  3. Achieve your goals & earn HPDE Points! (Each time a competency item is marked as "Mastered" you will earn HPDE Points.)

  4. Master enough to move to the next run group

Before an event:
  1. Log into your account at
  2. Visit the "My Learning" tab in your profile
  3. Under "My Learning Plans", click on "Manage Plans"
  4. For the event date, click on "Edit Plan"
  5. Choose 3-5 competencies that you would like to work on for this event date - add them to your "Hot List" by clicking the green plus sign next to each item. Items in your Hot List are what your Instructor will be evaluating in the system.
After an event:
  1. Use "My Learning Plan History" to view your past Learning Plans, per-event progress, and notes from your instructor.
  2. Alternatively, use "My Learning Progress" to view your overall HPDE learning progress (ALL run groups, skill groups and competency items).