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Mortimer Racing has been involved with Canadian Autosport since 1970. Located in Calabogie Ontario Canada we own and prepare Formula Mazda, F2000, and Spec Miata racing cars. We also have garages at Calabogie Motorsport Park and compete in their Formula Libre and Miata Challenge championships. In addition our cars can be used for lapping events. Our cars are equipped with data acquisition which is used for driver training.
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We rent the following race cars:
3 Formula Mazdas race cars equipped with rotary engines and 4 speed manual transmissions.
2 Formula Ford F2000 (formula Ireland) race cars equipped with 4 speed manual transmissions.
4 Spec Miata race cars equipped with 5 speed manual transmissions.
1 Miata for lapping equipped with a 5 speed manual transmission.
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We also service and store customer cars.
Our team has competed in Ontario and Quebec races, including the Canadian Grand Prix. The team has won hundreds of awards over the years, which include both race results and team awards and we continue to win formula libre and miata challenge championships at Calabogie every year.
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