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HPDEOur program is called HPDE for a reason - these events are not races, and they are not timed.
We provide High Performance Driver's Education which means we are focused on learning, safety and fun.
In the HPDE program, drivers are grouped according to his or her individual driving experience level. 
Passing is only permitted with point-by signals in designated areas.
Drivers use their own vehicle to drive on track; rental vehicles are also available here.
HPDE is for everyone - performance driving or race experience is not required! This is a great opportunity to learn the dynamics of your car; which can prove useful on the street or on the track. Most importantly, we promise you will have a ton of fun! Instructors are available for those that are just beginning.

How much track time will I get?

HPDE Full Day
Full day HPDE programs offer First Timer, Novice, Novice Solo, Intermediate, & Advanced drivers to get 3 hours of hot track time per day!
(6x 30 minute sessions throughout the day)

HPDE Half Day
Half day HPDE programs offer First Timer, Novice, Novice Solo, Intermediate, & Advanced drivers to get 1.5 hours of hot track time per day!
(3x 30 minute sessions throughout the day)

HPDE Introduction Nights
Designed for new and novice drivers. This lead follow program delivers 3 x 25min sessions following your coach around the full 5.05km track. This program typically runs in the evenings starting at 3:30pm and is done by 7pm 
(3x 25 minute sessions held in the evenings)

Calabogie Novice Day Events
These special events typically only run only twice a season with a team of great instructors.
You get a chance to drive the stadium track for 30 min at amazing prices.
Slots available every half hour throughout the day. Sign up today to secure your spot in this very popular program.

What are run groups (driver classes)?

Novice / Novice Solo / Intermediate and Advanced groups.
Drivers are required to select the correct run group based on their experience after submitting the following form.  
More details about run groups can be found here, in our Run Group Guide.

How many drivers are in each run group?

The number of drivers varies between programs and track configurations but we limit the number of drivers in each run group to an appropriate number which allows for maximum enjoyment of everyone on track. We are the longest and widest track in Canada which affords lots of space to all drivers.

What are the passing rules?

Novice, Novice Solo & Intermediate: passing is only permitted when signaled AND in designated areas.
Advanced: open passing but still requires a point by and should be avoided mid corner at the apexes.
The large onsite track map will display the passing zones and will be covered during the classroom and mandatory drivers meetings every event.

Do I need a "race car"?

You do not need a "race car", but you do need to bring your own car which is safe and in good condition.
A key theme to vehicle preparation is good overall general maintenance such as fresh fluids, checking belts, good condition spark plugs/wires, tires, brakes and any type of wear items.  These basics are often sufficient for novice drivers or those that are conservative road course drivers.
Please review further vehicle information & requirements in more detail from the main menu.

Do you offer rental vehciles?

Yes we do!

We maintain a fleet of at least 12 track prepared rental cars made up of Ford Mustangs, Toyota GR86s and GR Corollas.
Pricing and vehicle details can be found here.



What is the schedule like?

Event-specific schedules will be sent in pre-event emails and published on event registration pages once available.
Drivers need to arrive at the track at 7:15 am for check-in and drivers meetings.  
Generally, the track is hot from 9am-4 or 5pm, with the exception of a lunch break.  
Additional details or information along with any schedule changes are sent VIA EMAIL prior to the event.  
Please check your emails prior to the event!

What if it rains?

All events are held regardless of weather.  Refunds are not issued due to inclement weather.  
Our track offers high levels of grip even in the wet.
Keep in mind, many drivers enjoy going out on track to learn the rain line, as well as how to adjust their technique for driving their car on the wet surface.  
You can learn a lot in the rain!