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If you only see Novice on the registration form and are looking for how to REQUEST A HIGHER RUN GROUP, click here.
Ensuring drivers are properly placed in run groups is paramount to delivering an exceptional experience for all participants and ensuring the success of our events.
Calabogie Motorsport Park stands out among tracks, boasting the title of the longest track in Canada at over 5 kilometers with 20 turns, several of which are completely blind. Renowned for its technical challenges, it's often likened to the Nürburgring of Canada. Seasoned drivers typically require a couple of days to master its intricacies. For those tackling this track for the first time, we recommend stepping down one run group from your usual level of experience.
Below is a visual guide outlining the progression path for drivers and how our programs align with varying experience levels.

Run Group


Online Learning Platform

Discover our integrated online learning platform, seamlessly embedded within our website, designed to empower drivers through education, skill tracking, and evaluation. Whether you're aiming to enhance your proficiency or ascend to higher run groups, our platform serves as your pathway to success.
Accessible with a simple login, navigating to your profile and selecting the My Learning tab unlocks a world of possibilities.
Within this intuitive system, drivers gain visibility into all competencies and skill groups aligned with their current run group.
For those in instructed run groups, instructors collaborate with you through the platform, evaluating listed skills, updating statuses, and providing valuable feedback.
Even in non-instructed groups, drivers are encouraged to leverage My Learning, curating a personalized Hot List and collaborating with group leaders through check rides. This proactive engagement ensures your learning plan remains current, guiding your progression towards higher run groups.

New to Calabogie Motorsports Park - Run Group Request Form

Please complete this form to submit your road course driving experience and request placement in a new run group.
Once submitted, our chief instructors will carefully review your information and assign you to the most suitable run group.
You will be notified via email once your submission has been reviewed. Please anticipate a processing time of 2-3 business days.
In the interim, if you haven't already done so, we encourage you to create an account here at This step will streamline the process, allowing us to promptly assign your run group to your user account upon approval.
We value your patience as we work to assign your run group before registration.
For those familiar with their driving level (Intermediate, or Advanced), please refrain from registering as a Novice. Your cooperation ensures availability for genuine first-time drivers and minimizes administrative tasks. Thank you for your consideration.

Run Group Advancement

To advance to the next run group, drivers must participate in instructor ride-alongs, a crucial step in the progression process.
During these sessions, our experienced instructors thoroughly evaluate your driving abilities and assess your proficiency in the competencies outlined in "My Learning" (refer above for details). Mastery of the requisite competencies within your current run group is essential for progression.
Your progress towards mastering these skills is continuously tracked and visible in your account under "My Learning" --> "My Learning Progress."
Should you believe you've attained the necessary skills to move up a level, kindly inform your instructor or run group leader during your morning breakout session. They will arrange for an instructor ride-along to evaluate your readiness for potential advancement to the next run group.