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Calabogie Motorsports Park is the ultimate venue for hosting track events, where unparalleled facilities, thrilling tracks, and top-notch services come together to create unforgettable experiences for participants and guests alike.
Our Track Specifications
  • MSF Level 2 Certified Facility: Calabogie Motorsports Park is proud to be the only Motorsport Safety Foundation (MSF) Level 2 certified facility in Canada, ensuring the highest standards of safety and professionalism.
  • Longest Track in Canada: Our 5.05-kilometer track stands as the longest in Canada, offering an exhilarating circuit with 20+ turns and a 2000-foot long straightaway.
  • Versatile Track Layout: With the ability to run two separate tracks, measuring 2.2 kilometers and 2.8 kilometers respectively, we offer flexibility and variety to suit the needs of different events and participants.
  • On-Road and Off-Road Exercise Areas: In addition to our main track, we provide an off-road exercise area featuring various challenges such as axle twists, hill ascents/descents, and more, offering a diverse range of experiences for drivers and riders.
Infrastructure and Amenities
  • Executive Suites and Lounge Areas: Our facility features six fully equipped executive suites, a covered lounge area, and bunk rooms for accommodation, providing comfort and convenience for participants and guests.
  • Classroom Space and Meeting Facilities: With 800 square feet of classroom space and meeting facilities, we offer a conducive environment for pre-event briefings, training sessions, and corporate meetings.
  • On-Site Services: From fuel stations offering 91 and 94 octane fuel to electric vehicle charging stations, we provide all the essential services to support your event needs.
Support Services
  • Safety Team and Mechanics: Our dedicated team includes two-person safety teams, on-site class A mechanics with garage and dyno facilities, and experienced flaggers and corner workers to ensure a safe and smooth event.
  • Instructors and Driving Coaches: Benefit from the expertise of MSF Level 2 instructors and driving coaches who are available to provide guidance and support to participants of all skill levels.
  • Gate Attendants and Tow Services: Our gate attendants and tow services are on hand to assist with logistics and ensure seamless operations throughout your event.
Book Your Event Today
Experience the thrill of hosting your track event at Calabogie Motorsports Park and create lasting memories for your participants and guests. Contact us today to discuss your event requirements and explore our range of customizable event packages.